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Three Major Benefits to Cloud Services


Have you ever wondered why your business would want to use cloud services?

Many people may write the cloud off as something only a big corporation would need. However, with the ever growing popularity of the cloud on the consumer side with services like Dropbox, and a heavy push on the business side by Microsoft in regards to Office 365, the cloud is now more affordable than ever. Below are three reasons why you need to consider using cloud services.

Cost Savings

Remember the days when you had to have a file server for your business, and you had to pay a full time technician to manage it, maintain it, and control everyone’s access to it? Not only that, but you had to pay huge upfront costs for the file server itself and to have someone install it.

How about your phone system? Usually a complex phone system requires someone who specializes in setting it up, knowing it from front to back if it goes down, and of course being able to do add-ons as your company grows.

Guess what? Both can now be hosted through a cloud provider.

Cloud provider services like Microsoft OneDrive for Business, and Dropbox for Business provide storage solutions. Voice providers like Nextiva provide hosted phone solutions.

The best part? You don’t have any hardware to deal with, and in many cases, you no longer need a full time person on site to manage it all.

In most cloud provider cases, you only pay a monthly fee for your cloud service and internet connection.

Money is also saved on desktop computer hardware as well, as tasks have moved from the computer to a web browser.


Cloud providers make it easier to collaborate with those inside and outside of your business.

Normally, if you want to share a file with one of your team members at work, you’re limited to either a flash drive, your local file server, or an email attachment.

With services like Dropbox for Business or OneDrive for Business, you can create a shared folder and give permission to your teammate to access that folder without having to contact your system administrator. Not only can you share the folder, but you can also manage versions of each file in the folder. Transparency is gained as managers can easily access an audit history to see who opened what file and changed what. Continuity is created as files in the cloud are backed up.

What if you want to email a file to your coworker, but it’s bigger than your email client’s attachment limit?

With a cloud provider you can email a private link to that file on the internet.

The best part of all of this? All of the above can be setup to securely share files with those outside of your business in a matter of clicks.

Corporate Technology Luxury

It used to be that if you wanted a Microsoft Exchange server, you would’ve needed a highly paid exchange administrator to maintain the system. As a result, small businesses would settle with email that was hosted through their website hosting provider. Consequently, employees would have a lousy experience and limited capability when it came to managing calendars, attachment size limits, archiving, and full utilization of the Microsoft Outlook client.

Now, with Microsoft Exchange Online through Office 365, you can get the benefits of a corporate exchange email server through the cloud.

This means easy to setup distribution lists, shared mailboxes and folders, easy to use mobile device management, and archiving.

What if you’re a manager and you want your employees to have the ability to work from home in case of an emergency?

The days of having to lug a 10 lb. laptop around are over. Cloud document services, email, and just about anything you use in the cloud can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, on just about any device.

There’s a Different Solution For Everyone

While not every solution may suit the needs of your business, there are now affordable options out there for everyone, in just about every category of office technology.

Some companies may put all of their services in their cloud, or as needed. Every business will have a different need and approach that is better suited for its environment, that may not work for other environments.

Feel free to reach out to us via the contact button below, and we’ll be more than happy to help find the cloud services solutions that are best for your business.

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