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    Network Assessments

    Your company has grown successively over the last 10-20 years but your technology infrastructure hasn’t kept pace. Maybe due to the constant change in IT staff or maybe the pace of growth hasn’t allowed you time to maintain the technology infrastructure. Your network now has many more users than when you started and now the network is slow, unresponsive, with daily PC crashes and constant interruptions. The loss of productivity is affecting your bottom line. We can help. We can analyze your network and provide you with a plan which aligns with your companies goals and strategic initiatives. We’ll update your network, resolve your issues and deliver the solution along a timeline that fits your budget.
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    Endpoint security - virus and spyware protection

    Endpoint security – Are you having constant problems with viruses attacking your network? Let us provide a free assessment and recommendations for securing your network and provide you with peace of mind. Your employees productivity will increase and ultimately benefit your bottom line.
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    Server installations and upgrades

    As your company grows so do the challenges of keeping up with the technology advances. Your in-house staff is working non-stop to keep up with the daily demands of a successful company. Unfortunately, finding time to upgrade and maintain the systems to take advantage of the newer technologies in the marketplace aren’t possible. We understand the challenge and have the team and skill sets ready to support your IT team to upgrade your core systems with no impact to the business.
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    Firewall, Router and Switch implementations and configurations

    You’re a small to medium size company who has a general skilled IT person on staff but may not have the critical skills to configure your firewalls, routers or managed switches. Because you want to avoid having a high risk vulnerability to your network you may need additional assistance. We have trained engineers on staff to perform these tasks, augment your in-house staff and allow them to handle the day to day IT duties.
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    Internet (ISP) setup and management

    You know you need internet connectivity to perform your everyday business tasks but do you know how much bandwidth you need. You hear about pipe, upload, download, bandwidth, resources but aren’t sure what it all means. We can evaluate your business needs and offer a solution that matches your company’s current needs and future growth. We’ll save you money and assist in negotiating your internet contract with the Internet Service Provider (ISP).  
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    Cloud Backup Solutions - data offsite/onsite - disaster recovery

    Do you currently use a local backup software with a tape drive? Has your business grown to the point where you have a significant amount of data and if you suffered a major system failure it would take days to recover your systems and data. Our solutions will provide you with the peace of mind to know you can be back up and running within hours.
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    Network management and monitoring

    We offer flat rate plans to manage and monitor your network, servers, and computers. If your business has between 5 and 250 team members, Xila Networks is a perfect fit for your organization.
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    Business IT Services & Support

    Do you have a 1 or 2 person IT department who are always overwhelmed?  We can be your outsourced IT help desk providing 24×7 support. We automate many typical help desk tasks to allow your employees to be more productive and free up your IT staff to work on critical company initiatives.
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    Voice over IP - Unified Communications

    Have you had the same phone system for 10-20 years? Are you still paying substantial long distance fees? We offer a unified communication solution which reduces phone costs and provides one click calling, video conferencing,instant chat, presence, and integration with your cellular phone carrier.
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    Cloud Services - Office 365

    You want to work on a document at home, in the airport or in your hotel room but you don’t know if you have the latest version. We can convert your Microsoft Office suite to Office 365 and your employees will have access to documents no matter where they are, anytime of the day. Your IT staff no longer has to worry about document compatibility issues, version upgrades or corrupt software.
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    Hosted Exchange - cloud email

    Are you tired of an exchange server on property?  You have one IT staff person dedicated to maintaining one email server. Let us assist you in moving your email to the cloud. No more server upgrades, no more patches, no more downtime. Your IT dedicated email staff person can work on business initiatives which drive your business successes.
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    Security Audits - E-discovery, penetration testing, internal audits

    Have you had a major virus attack on your network? Do you suspect your network is being accessed from the outside? We provide a full range of auditing  tools. Whether you would like penetration testing performed, e-discovery on your email system, or a physical internal network security audit, we can offer a complete confidential analysis.
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    Hardware installs and support

    Is your IT staff planning an upgrade but lacks the bandwidth to perform the tasks?  We can assist your team or provide an end to end solution. We understand the pitfalls and have developed automation tools to streamline processes. We’ll respect your budget and will deliver within the project timeline.


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