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Why Managed Services Providers?


Is Your Business At Risk?

You started your business 10 years ago. You now have 50 employees. You saw opportunity and hired key personnel to grow your business. You have a terrific sales team, a very good accounting staff, and a first rate operations and production crew. In your desire to make your company successful some areas of the organization suffered. Technology became an afterthought.

When you started, you equipped your employees with Windows XP machines. You added a small business server running Windows 2003, with Active Directory. A friend’s tech buddy helped install it and you call on him when there are issues. Sometimes it takes a couple days for a response but that’s OK because he’s a good guy. Your company uses Microsoft Access as a repository to store data for various business processes. It’s managed by a team member in shipping who has some technical skills. Your network consists of six year old switches. Opening files on the server takes a minute or two but most employees are OK because that’s the way it’s always been. And there are other challenges – the internet is slow, your phone system lacks video conferencing, your file backup and recovery process consists of burning DVD’s once a month and you have an outdated suite of office apps causing compatibility issues. And now it’s 2015 and the competition may be catching you because they’ve adopted newer technology.

Are you worried your business may be at risk? As each week passes do you grow more and more concerned there could be a major hardware or software failure causing a significant work stoppage?  Are you frustrated with a loss of business productivity due to outages and breakdowns? Do you wish to have a strategic IT plan and solve your technology issues?

Managed Services Providers: Where Do You Go For Help?

You could decide to hire a full time IT person to handle the company’s technology challenges but you would be creating another set of hurdles. Who supports the company when the IT employee is off work or on vacation? Does the IT person have expertise in databases, Active Directory, complex networks, ERP systems, disaster recovery or phone systems? Are there enough hours in a day to perform all duties and acquire the necessary skills to support a growing company properly?  If the answers to these questions concern you, maybe you should consider an IT managed services provider.

IT managed services providers (MSPs) are the Swiss Army knife of the technology industry. They have the staff to provide expertise in all areas related to a company’s technology. They have software to manage and monitor your network and be proactive when trouble appears on the horizon. They understand the importance of business continuity. They are current on the latest trends and can offer advice and direction. They’ve seen most computer or network related issues and know how to resolve them. You’ve made critical key decisions when choosing the right individuals for other departments.  This is no different. You want to partner with a company who provides you with solutions to make your company successful.

Find The Right Managed Services Provider. Start Today!

Maybe you’re looking for advice to address many of your legacy issues or maybe you are looking for a more comprehensive plan to help reduce costs, drive revenue and streamline your operations. Maybe you want to start with a small project like offsite data backup or Office 365 migration. Whatever IT business services you choose, an IT managed services provider can assist. Start today! Call an IT managed services provider. You’ll be thankful you did.



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